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Exploring Isla Saona: Must-See Highlights on Your Punta Cana Tour

Isla Saona beach Punta Cana

It’s time to start planning for that ravishing holiday you have wanted all these years. Punta Cana has numerous sights to see and activities to partake in. However, one place hides the best prize, and that is Saona Island, aka Isla Saona.

Getting to Isla Saona

Reaching Isla Saona is possible either with a comfy and stable catamaran, or by taking a speedboat and reaching it faster. Most of the Isla Saona tours have a starting point at Bayahibe. This is a fishing village, about one hour away from your desired location.

So, before you start planning, it’s good to know what sort of experience you aim to achieve. A slow and steady glide on the water, with music in the background; or a blistering flash catching the desired wind on a warm summer’s day.

Experiencing Natural Beauty

This island is the definition of heavenly. Beaches are particularly untouched and wild, at the same time welcoming. Waters are azure, giving life to exotic fish. You are welcome to snorkel in the deep, clear sea and enjoy all it has to offer. Palm trees provide shade while you unwind. You may wish to go swimming or play volleyball – it’s only appropriate.

And, after all of this, the mangroves are waiting for your exploration. Guides are available for visiting this unique ecosystem with its rare bird life and animals. 

Exploring Local Culture

One more incredible aspect of anyone’s Isla Saona tours is taking a glimpse of the local life and culture. Being a fisherman community, the locals can offer advice from their craft and give you a taste of the fresh seafood they obtained. You are then invited to visit the marketplace, offering crafts like jewelry and pottery made by the villagers. 

Planning Your Visit

To fully appreciate the island, most of the tours are made to be a whole day visit. It will mostly start in the morning, bringing you back late afternoon. 

Take into consideration that this kind of trip is best taken while dry season is in full swing. That’s from December to April, so you can plan a New Year’s or a Spring break, if this aligns with your schedule. 

Now, essentials like sunblocking creams and hats are an obvious reminder, and while you will most likely have lunch on these tours – pack some snacks and water. 


Isla Saona is a place everyone should visit; to escape daily life and enjoy nature with all it provides. Book Isla Saona for your vacation now to ensure the best hotel spot and boat tours in the area.


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