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Punta Cana’s Ultimate Party Boat Tour

Custom Party boat celebration in Punta Cana

Some travel to relax and breathe slowly, while the hours slowly pass them by. For them – this is the serene experience after a year’s long work and stressful days at the office. Others want to kick it up a notch, and have a party from day one till they fall asleep on the plane back home. 

For the second kind, we have just the thing: our party boat tour! Designed for anyone who loves to party and explore beautiful scenery, while with friends. During the tour, we’ll take you to the most stunning beaches. You’ll partake in a variety of fun activities. The party boat is equipped with everything. A fully stocked bar. State of the art sound system. A large dance floor. 

We’ll take you snorkeling. Swimming with dolphins and the tropical fish, in the warm and clear waters of Caribbean. You can swim and dance, lay in the sun or go fishing. We’ll prepare food and keep the drinks coming, and entertain you with games and contests to bring out the competing spirit! 

Our party boat tour is perfect for any occasion. Bachelor and bachelorette parties. Birthday celebrations. Group outings. Or just because you want to! 

So, book your spot on our party boat today! Experience the ultimate party, and indulge in Punta Cana! Our friendly and experienced staff is ready to welcome you and show you the best time and the best places. Book now and get the party started!



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