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Guide for Dominican Republic Snorkeling and Catamaran Tours in Punta Cana

Dominican Republic Activities can be a wide and broad task you can handle with. You can choose from a Catamaran Trip Travel Snorkeling Tour in Bavaro`s beach in your Punta Cana Holiday, till the Fishing Trophy Boat Excursion Package just in one day.

Punta Cana Voyage Charters  

Punta Cana Voyage ChartersWith a stressful routine at your daily work and different activities, you deserve to rest and relax. One best way to do this is with voyage charters. Meanwhile, if you are planning to travel or make, Punta Cana is the greatest destination that you must visit at least once in your lifetime.Enjoy […]

Seaweed in Punta Cana

Seaweed in Punta Cana“Is there still seaweed in Punta Cana?” This question haunts many of you. We understand, because who would want to spend their holiday on a beach covered in algae.Origin of seaweed in Punta CanaPossible causes: Seaweed in Punta Cana “Is there still seaweed in Punta Cana?” This question haunts many of you. […]

Celebrate Thanksgiving with Boat Trips Punta Cana

Celebrate Thanksgiving with Boat Trips Punta CanaWhy celebrate Thanksgiving in Punta Cana?Cruise along the coastline of Punta Cana on Thanksgiving Day Celebrate Thanksgiving with Boat Trips Punta Cana Thanksgiving is coming up and you find yourself in Punta Cana not knowing what to do on this day. Why don’t you go on one of our beautiful […]

The Best Caribbean Birthday Boat Trip Ever

We’re superb at making you happy with fun events, whatever the occasion. There’s always a reason to celebrate – but is there any reason NOT to organize a fun birthday boat trip? We’ll take care of the whole package, whatever floats your boat.

5 Things You Can Do On Catamaran Tour

At Boat Trips Punta Cana, there’s nothing we love more than show holiday-goers the pure beauty of the Dominican coastline. Our Catamaran Deluxe Tours are perfect for this. So other than sun on your skin and wind in your hair, what can you expect on your catamaran trip?

Relax in a natural pool

Being on the ocean is special – there’s something about vast amounts of water that has attracted humans forever. Being unable to see the life and geography underneath the surface, the ocean becomes a sort of mystery. An imagination of whales, deep abysses and flowing seaweed. But even just on top of the surface, the water represents a sparkling, beautiful mass. With Boat Trips Punta Cana, we want you to explore all the different natural surprises the ocean has to offer. And that’s why we take our visitors to relax in a natural pool!