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I’m snorkeling in Punta Cana for the first time. The Right way!

I’m snorkeling in Punta Cana for the first time. The Right way!

Snorkeling is one of the things to do in Punta Cana and is something you have to try. Seeing colorful tropical fish underwater is an experience that will last a lifetime.

The sun on your back, and the freedom you feel just floating around like you’re flying in the clear blue sea… it’s just amazing.

But what if you’ve never been snorkeling before? Don’t sweat it. This article will be your guide to help you get the best experience for getting your best snorkeling experience in Punta Cana.

Get that equipment in place

Okay, so it can be a bit challenging going into the water for the first time. First things first: make sure your life jacket is secured, put on your flippers and then your swimming mask.

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Before you put your swimming mask on, make sure to swish around a little bit of water on the inside of the glass otherwise, they might fog up under water. Pour out the water and fasten your mask tightly, so no water can get in on the inside.

After life jackets, flippers and masks, you’re almost there: now it’s time to make sure your snorkel is in the right place. Often you’ll find a little plastic loop on your swimming mask you can push the snorkel through, so it stays in place. Put the silicone mouthpiece at the bottom end of the snorkel into your mouth and breath a few times to make sure the air is flowing freely.

Other masks might have a snorkel built in. Always listen to instructions from the crew on board, who’ll have the best information on how to wear your equipment. Alright, you’re ready to go for your first snorkeling session in Punta Cana!

Just remember: if you have any questions at any point or if your equipment is not completely comfortable, just check in with the crew. They’ll be able to make sure everything is in the right place.

Ready to take the plunge

Alright – you’re ready to take the plunge. If the jump off the edge is a bit too scary, just go down the stairs of the boat and let yourself glide gently into the warm water around day trips from Punta Cana. Take some time above the water to get used to your equipment, maybe take a few dips first to make sure your mask is on right. Splash around a bit with your flippers to get comfortable with your new dolphin-like speed (well, almost).

The hardest bit for most people is to get used to breathing through the snorkel. Don’t worry, you got this! Pinch your nose if you need to, and place the mouthpiece of the snorkel in your mouth. Now dip your head under water for one or two breaths while you have a look around. If you need to, come back up for some ‘normal’ air. And try it again, until you get comfortable with the breathing rhythm. Keep breathing, stay calm, and let the sea carry you around for a while.

Friendly fish

Look – a fish! Don’t worry, these fish don’t bite. They’re just curious to see who is coming to visit them. Let them pass by and admire their colors. During your snorkeling trip with Boat Trips Punta Cana snorkeling excursions you can even feed them. Maybe that’s why they were so curious… after all, who doesn’t like to be fed snacks!

So, you are underwater now, seeing fish and other amazing sea creatures. What a beautiful view! Just remember to go above water a few times now and again, to see where you are. It’s always a good idea to stay where the crew can easily see you, so that you are safe at all times.


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Can’t touch this

Even though those beautiful coral stones and starfish look very tempting to touch and take home as a souvenir, please remember they are protected and deserve to be treated with respect. Just look at them from a distance, and let our crew of the trip take underwater pictures of you. That’s a great way to boost those Instagram likes…

So now you’re ready to go on a snorkeling trip. One more thing: always make sure you have enough sunscreen with you, and remember that a snorkeling tour in Punta Cana private tours is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. So just relax and enjoy the trip to the fullest!


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