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Relax in a natural pool

Relax in a natural pool

Being on the ocean is special – there’s something about vast amounts of water that has attracted humans forever. Being unable to see the life and geography underneath the surface, the ocean becomes a sort of mystery. An imagination of whales, deep abysses and flowing seaweed. But even just on top of the surface, the water represents a sparkling, beautiful mass. With Boat Trips Punta Cana, we want you to explore all the different natural surprises the ocean has to offer. And that’s why we take our visitors to relax in a natural pool!


Atolls & seamounts

Around Punta Cana, there are many points where the Atlantic Ocean and the Carribean sea turns a bit shallower and lets you enjoy sitting in that ‘pool’. But let us explain to you some cool natural processes first. Such as the seamount, a mountain rising from the ocean seafloor, but not quite reaching the surface. This means it never evolves into becoming an actual island or a rock. A seamount is typically an extinct volcano and can be huge – up to 4,000 meters high! These underwater mountains are very common and provide life to plankton, corals, fish, and even marine mammals.

From those seamounts or regular volcanoes, sometimes atolls arise. These are big rings of coral reef, encircling a big turquoise lagoon. This lagoon forms over the volcanic crater. An atoll can be very shallow, around 5-10 meters deep, and form a whole world of coral and fish. The closest group of atolls near to Punta Cana can be found off the coast of Nicaragua and above Colombia. Unfortunately, these are not easy to reach.


Natural pools in Punta Cana

Luckily, in Punta Cana, we have our own wonders of the ocean – natural, shallow bits of the ocean which aren’t as rocky (or dangerous) as a seamount, or as hard to reach as an atoll. The natural pools we’re talking about are a natural phenomenon happening between the Atlantic and the Caribbean Sea, dividing the darker ocean into lighter spots where you can actually wade into the water waist-deep and at some points, even sit and relax. These natural ‘pools’ are very clear and beautiful to visit! We visit them on all of our snorkeling trips. We even go to the natural pool in our Catamaran! Have a drink and enjoy the sand beneath your toes (or flippers).

Try these wonderful natural pools around Punta Cana! Call or email Boat Trips Punta Cana and book now!


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