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A Magical Whale Encounter

A Magical Whale Encounter

A fountain of water bursts up in the air at open sea. Circles form and the waves get a little higher. A big black back appears on the surface and disappears again. It makes the water splash into different directions. The humpback whale is back in the Dominican Republic.

It is January and the mammals are seen near the Marina in Cap Cana. They are on their way to Samana Bay where they give birth and mate.

Every year three to five thousand whales make the journey from the cold polar regions of the North Atlantic to the warm Samana Bay for the breeding season. A trip that takes them months to undertake.

Sounds of the male humpback whales can be heard while they jump and flip their tales to impress their female counterparts.

In January and February, Breakers luxury boat trips give you the chance to see the whales on their way to Samana. Experience the excitement of seeing such a magical creature nearby. The crew will make sure to give you a beautiful memory of this encounter with nature in its purest form.