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The Best Caribbean Birthday Boat Trip Ever

We’re superb at making you happy with fun events, whatever the occasion. There’s always a reason to celebrate – but is there any reason NOT to organize a fun birthday boat trip? If you’re lucky enough to be a birthday guy or girl in Punta Cana, hop on! We’ll take care of the whole package, whatever floats your boat. Ha. See what we did there?  


The setting

Whether your organizing your own birthday boat trip, or that of a close friend or family member – it doesn’t matter. The ideal trip combines a bit of picture-perfect beach time, a good, big lunch with lots of nibbles and a great deal of dancing/lounging on deck! Bring some funky accessories, some cool birthday hats, a pair of awesome sunglasses and your best bathing suit – and don’t forget your sunscreen! We’re going all out to celebrate.

Firstly, we’ll drop you off at a gorgeous beach in Cabeza de Toro. This beach is extra stunning and still quite remote – perfect for your private party! Make sure the birthday guy or girl takes a swing from the palm tree swing. Congrats!


The food

Now that you’re at the peaceful area of Cabeza de Toro, why not take your birthday bash further by going for an excellent lunch? Of course, there’s no paying as the official birthday bub! We can customize your birthday with a barbecue onboard our Catamaran with delicious food. Be sure to wear your birthday hats to kick up a bit of fun!


The activities

There are different kinds of people, but who is the birthday bub? A dancer? A gamer? A traveler? An adventurer? Be sure to adapt to the likes of the one celebrated – a good bash is a 100% secure this way! Fine, Twister will be a bit wobbly on the boat, but we game lovers adore an extra challenge. For the adventurers out there, we could SO provide a tube or kite for some high-speed water fun! Is your birthday girl or guy a nature fan? No probs – we’ll snorkel and show her the underwater world! For the travelers, we could provide a local guide to tell you all about the island, the different areas of Punta Cana and the diversity in people and environments present.

Definitely dancing on your birthday? You need Dominican Reggaetón. It’s the one and only guarantees to make you sweat and pop your booty. This is a must for all the different birthday scenarios!


The crowd

This is YOUR birthday boat trip! That means we only invite whoever you want us too – bring friends, family, that fun individual you only met in town yesterday, your favorite dog, a lover.. As long as they’re willing to celebrate how brilliant it is that you were born. And pop some champagne. Duh!


It doesn’t matter who you are or what you want – we will make your birthday boat trip super special. Call or email Boat Trips Punta Cana and book now.

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